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What I like best about the free Kindle eBooks that you can download from the amazon library is that you can TEST an authors work before you invest in them.

Let’s face it there is nothing that pisses me off more than spending a few dollars on a book that looks and sounds good in the synopsis only to be bored half to death by the end of the first chapter. As I am a sucker for pain I always read a book to the end no matter how bad it is. I then sit there for a few minutes silently wondering why I wasted my time, money and effort reading such crap.

But by being able to download and read for Free, say the first book in a trilogy to test the waters, you can save yourself a lot of pain. Sure some series start of fantastic and the free first book is excellent. Only to be followed up by complete rubbish, like the authors deadline was approaching fast so they just spewed any combination of crap onto the page to make up the required word count. ( a Bit like I’m doing Now LOL)

In many cases however I have discovered GEMS that i would never have read had the first book been a paid edition.

By Testing these free books you step out of the mainstream publishing world and into a world of self published authors. Some are horrendous as mentioned, But some are true gems that with better publicity would surely knock the top authors from their best seller charts.

So Take a chance on a new author today, with over 75,700 titles to choose from I am sure you can find many books to read that won’t cost you a cent.

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The free kindle reader app expands an already thriving opportunity.

The release of the free kindle reader app has added yet another opportunity for those that are willing to take a look and step into the world of Internet business.

Amazon has created a true beast with Kindle reader range and the Kindle library. Although statistics are hard to come by, Amazon has sold kindle reader tablets in the Millions and sales continue. The Kindle fire alone has estimated to have sold over 5 million units and as the range and features grow sales should remain strong.

What this means is that Millions of people have in their possession a Kindle device and are actively spending money using the amazon Kindle store.

With the release of the free kindle reader app this market went from Millions to Hundreds of Millions literally overnight.

The Free Kindle reader app has opened the entire amazon kindle library to any one with a P.C, iPhone, iPad or an android device. Do you Know how many people in the world own at least one , and in some cases multiple, of these devices?

The actual answer is in the Billions, But in Reality not all of them are readers of eBooks.

In short the Free Kindle reader app has created opportunity for many people by providing a HUGE ready to go market that is used to spending Online and will happily pay for Content.

Its rare to find a Market that is so BIG and SO willing to spend money. I mean just about every Kindle owner has bought at least One book and I personally know people that have bought in excess of 100 books from the amazon Kindle store.

When they see something they like they buy it, Its that simple.

But how do you tap into this opportunity that free kindle reader app has created?

Quite simply you need to follow a plan and a proven system and if you do you could be one of those that takes the huge kindle marketplace and turns it to their advantage.

Getting something published in the kindle library is really not that difficult, but there are rules to follow and things that need to be done in order to get your content listed for sale.

To be honest getting published is the easiest part of taking advantage of this opportunity.

Kindle Mastery

Look its one thing to have content published on Kindle but getting people to read your content is another thing entirely.

There are Thousands of people out there that have tried to take advantage of the kindle marketplace and failed to make even the slightest dent. There are many many people that have excellent content but NO IDEA how to get people to read that content.

It is absolutely pointless to just get something published and then sit back and expect it to appear in the best seller list.

Every single successful person that is making money using the Kindle library followed a distinct plan of action, they used a system to get their work a wider audience and to turn a little hobby and a bit of fun into a proper Income.

The quality of the content means less than the quality of your system.

What this means it doesn’t matter if you have the best book in the world if no-one sees it you have no chance of making anything at all from it.

If you have thought that being an online Kindle publisher was beyond you then you are wrong.

If you have tried to take the kindle reader opportunity and failed then its time to do it the right way.

If you have a book on any subject at all in your brain or sitting on your hard drive then its time to get moving.

Take a look at the system below and see hoe the free kindle reader app has created an opportunity for YOU, You just need to follow the steps and get on the Kindle reader Bus to success.

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Access FREE Kindle Titles on any device with the free kindle reading app.

You don’t need to own a Kindle to access the range of books in the Kindle library with the free kindle reading app!

I am a recent convert to digital books, So far in the last year or so I have downloaded and read over 80 books. I have only paid for about 3 or 4 of them.

There are many libraries on the internet that you can access eBooks from, but none are as big as the amazon library. It is simply the best collection of the latest and greatest eBooks online.

Many of the titles are free and you can simply download them straight to your device and read them when ever you like.

BUT I didn’t want to buy a New kindle as I have a tablet and an an iPhone, The last thing I needed was yet another device to carry around with me just to read books.

So I downloaded the FREE Kindle reading app from amazon for my iPhone and tablet and now I can access the entire amazon kindle library from any of my devices, Including my PC at home. I especially like the access via PC because then I can use my home network to share content between devices quickly. (My 15 year old son set that up, so ask your teenage relatives if your not sure how to do that.)

By using the free kindle app I am enjoying a raft of free books and have paid for a few as well.

What I like the most is that many authors sample the first book in the series for free, Thus allows you to get a taste for the series and decide if its worth investing in the follow up books.

I have discovered many authors this way, by being able to read their work for free. Many of these books I would never have read if there was a fee associate with downloading them.

Its a win win for the author and the reader. The author gets exposure through their free books and the treader gets to read some fantastic books that they may never have discovered.

I can Highly recommend the free kindle app and especially the amazon kindle library for content.

If your an avid reader like me, The free kindle app will become one of the most used on your device very quickly.

Currently the free Kindle reading app can be used on the following.

Smart Phones:

  • iPhone’s and iPod Touch
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  • Mac computers
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  • Android Tablets
  • iPad
  • Windows 8 Tablet

Or you can read Instantly in any browser using the Kindle Cloud app, which is great of your on the move a lot.

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